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Business Intelligence

Big Data
Logo der Business Intelligence Lösung - BI - für intelligente Auswertungen von Big Data von der Firma activeIT Software & Consulting GmbH.  Vor der Logoschrift ist das Icon eines Eject-Buttons (Ausgabetaste)

Evaluating and interpreting data made easy! 

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Collect, analyse and utilise data as a basis for sound business decisions

With the tools and methods of our BI solution, data from internal and external sources can be collected and presented in reports, dashboards and data visualizations. Use the data-based analysis results to provide valuable insights to your operational staff, accelerate and improve your decision-making processes and increase operational efficiency.





What functions does BI offer?

Business Intelligence offers a comprehensive range of functions to meet the individual requirements of your company. The following areas are available as standard:


Collect and analyse all data relevant to purchasing, such as purchase prices, delivery quantities or over- and under-deliveries. The simple tracking of batches can be realized with just a few clicks through the interaction with our quantity flow module.


Identify inefficiencies and keep track of your overall equipment effectiveness. Receive notifications when a pre-defined condition is reached, such as the colli count of a work order, or get employee efficiency info at the individual scale level.


Track the movements of your purchased or produced goods. From booking into the system, through the respective processing, to the final delivery - thanks to the detailed and clear presentation, you always have an overview.


Analyze information about annual sales trends, sales by item, customers, quantities, weekly prices and much more. Use this data as a basis for strategic and operational decisions.

Who can use BI?

Business Intelligence is recommended for companies that store their data in databases. The main focus here is:


  • FIPS users

  • PECS users

  • traceNET users

  • Users of third-party software in the field of ERP & production control

What are the requirements for an implementation?

All you need to use our BI solution is a web browser. Apps are available for download for mobile use.

How fast can BI be implemented?

The implementation time depends on the number of modules selected. On average, the implementation goes live within 4 weeks, depending on the prevailing technical and project-specific requirements.

During the implementation phase, we work closely with you to ensure BI meets your needs and any necessary customizations are made.

What is the price for BI?

Contact us today for your non-binding offer and let us discuss your requirements and needs together.

Recognize inefficiencies & benefit from data-based decisions!

Intelligent evaluations

Business Intelligence for your PECS & FIPS

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