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What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

The technology-driven process of business intelligence analyses data and presents actionable information that serves as the basis for informed business decisions by executives, managers and end users. BI includes a variety of tools and methodologies that enable your organization to collect data from internal and external sources, prepare it for analysis, create reports, dashboards and data visualizations, or design and execute simple queries. The results of the analysis can then be made available to decision-makers and operational staff.





Who is BI for?

Business Intelligence can be used by all companies that store their data in databases. At activeIT the main focus is on companies using the following products:


  • FIPS

  • PECS

  • Third party software in the field of ERP and production control

What are the requirements for an implementation?

To use our BI-Solution you just need a webbrowser. If you want to access your data on mobile phones the ideal APP for your device is available to download.

How quickly can BI be implemented?

The Business Intelligence implementation depends on the number of selected modules. On average, an implementation goes live within 4 weeks.*


*Depends on the prevailing technical and project-specific conditions.

What is the price for BI?

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What features does BI offer?

The range of functions of Business Intelligence is very comprehensive. In order to be able to map your individual company requirements, we have focused our current BI solution on the following areas, which are available for you to choose from at the beginning:


  • Purchasing

With the Purchasing module, all data relevant to purchasing is made available for evaluation in BI. Purchase prices, delivery quantities, overs and shortages are just some of the selectable information for evaluation. In connection with the next module quantity flow, the tracking of batches is created with just a few clicks.

  • Quantity flow

The quantity flow reflects the movements of goods purchased or produced from in-house production. From the moment the goods are booked into the system, through the respective processing, to the delivery, a clear display of the quantities moved can be seen.

  • Production  

In the area of production, the application of BI opens up numerous potentials. Whether the detection of inefficiencies, notifications by e-mail when a certain defined status is reached, such as the colli number of a work order about the processing performance of the last days/weeks/months with colored target/actual and Gantt display, with BI you you’re your production under control. The overall plant effectiveness (OEE key figure), which is particularly important for manufacturing companies, is calculated automatically. The BI solution thus uncovers any inefficient use of resources and also shows how this can be counteracted. Even monitoring weighing at item level or employee efficiency at individual scale level can be seen through the use of BI.


  • Sale

The information most relevant to sales is collected in this area of the BI solution. Whether the annual comparison of the sales trend, sales in tabular form, sales by article, customer, area, quantity, weekly prices and many other data in the sales area cover all your requirements for accurate, clear analyses and serve as a basis for your strategic and operational decisions.

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