Business Intelligence

Evaluation of all data - also for third-party products

Your company collects a vast amount of data every day which is helpful to provide insights for your operational or strategic business purposes. With our Business Intelligence solution, you can now analyze this data easily and live on your production database.

Your Benefits

Evaluation across software solutions

Clear representation

Mobile access

Identification of inefficiencies

Notification in certain conditions

Integration of external systems


Goods acceptance & warehouse posting


In coherence with the digital documentation of goods arrival or stock bookings there is a lot of information collected and available for evaluation. Where Excel sheets were used in the past our BI solution is available for evaluations over any conceivable period of time. 

Quality control & commissioning

Track the average quality of your products and commissioning or check the claim rate at goods acceptance. All this and much more can be done by the BI solution by touching one button.

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