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Frische und reife tropische Früchte wie Ananas, Bananen, Kokosnüsse, Drachenfrüchte, Kiwis, Orangen und Mangos. Das Bild steht für das Fruchtimport-Planungs-System FIPS von activeIT Software & Consulting GmbH


Fruit Import Planning System

Anarchy in the ripening chambers?

Optimise your import & ripening planning with FIPS, the reliable fruit import planning system!

What is FIPS?

Developed in close cooperation with experts from the fruit and vegetable sector, FIPS covers all your quantity planning, transport planning, stock planning and ripening planning. Say goodbye to error-prone Excel spreadsheets and instead use a secure database that always keeps all information available - even if your employees are absent. Even in the event of transport delays, you are always on the safe side with FIPS – you can intervene in time and react flexibly to new arrival dates.


What features does FIPS provide?

fipsFORECAST | Quantity planning

Weißes Icon mit Taschenrechner steht für Mengenplanung - fipsFORECAST

Control your stock levels and make easy forecasts! With our quantity planning tool, you can accurately record the demand of your individual branches based on current and historical data and add it up to the warehouses, packing houses and ripening plants. Important variables, such as the weather, as well as promotions are included in the calculation. The import of planned quantities and the subsequent final order quantities enables you to immediately recognise a surplus or shortage and thus create a precise forecast.

Quantity converter

Make effective use of the freight and ripening volume. Thanks to the possibility of different quantity specifications - from kilograms, boxes, pallets to containers – you are always on the right side with our quantity converter.

Demand planning

Keep track of your stocks for optimal demand planning. Record planned, forecast, ordered, and delivered quantities. Consult historical values, view quotations or use the practical index, which signals deviations from the previous year's values at a glance.

fipsORDER | Order planning

Weißes Icon mit Einkaufswagen vor einem Blatt Papier steht für Bestellplanung - fipsORDER

Optimise your orders with the system-supported order planning of fipsORDER! By taking into account the predefined ordering, transport, storage and ripening times, the demand for articles and the last possible ordering time are automatically displayed to you. With the connection to an existing ERP system, orders can be processed directly from FIPS, making double entries in other programmes unnecessary.

Import & sale goods

Order loose items – sell ripened and packed items. Using conversion factors ensures that you always plan and order the right quantities.

E-Mails & packing list import

Send orders directly from FIPS! Generate, import, and historicise emails with packing lists for an efficient ordering process. All mail correspondence with the supplier can also be viewed in the respective order. By automating the process, the completed packing list is automatically recognised in the reply email and assigned to the order. At the same time, a vessel trip with traceability at pallet level (COI, SSCC) – especially for certified goods – is created.

fipsTRANSPORT | Transport planning

Weißes Icon mit Containerschiff steht für Transportplanung - fipsTRANSPORT

Benefit from optimised transport processes and a transparent supply chain. fipsTRANSPORT offers you a comprehensive solution for the transport of international goods: From shipping with the associated containers and their availability at the port to transport between warehouses or ripening plants. You also enjoy advantages in the certification of organic products through the transparency of the supply chain.

QM - delivery assessment

Handle goods acceptance and delivery assessments mobile and easily. By scanning the pallet and subsequently documenting it with photos and questionnaires, your preliminary complaints and objections can be conveniently carried out using a smartphone or tablet.

Vessel trips

React quickly to ship delays and keep track of the connection between different supplier orders. If a ship's voyage is delayed, all other orders on that voyage are automatically adjusted to the new arrival dates. This guarantees a quick response and ensures timely delivery to your customers.

Demand-oriented route planning

Order loose items – sell ripened and packed items. Using conversion factors ensures that you always plan and order the right quantities.

fipsSTOCK | Stock planning

Weißes Icon mit einem vollen Lagerregal steht für Lagerplanung - fipsSTOCK

Never lose sight of a pallet! Through the pre-planning of cell occupancies, and warehouse levels and the allocation to storage bins, or ripening chambers, your warehouse staff receive simple instructions and a quick overview. The recording of storage bookings between cells and outgoing transports supports the FIFO principle and ensures that none of your goods are overlooked any more.

Mobile goods acceptance

​Ensure the traceability of your goods with pallet scanning. Through the unique identification of each pallet, you avoid possible errors in manual recording and thus increase the transparency of your supply chain.

fipsRIPENING | Ripening planning

Weißes Icon mit zwei Bananen steht für Reifenplanung - fipsRIPENING

Simplify your processes with the graphic and tabular ripening planning in FIPS. Articles from orders or shipments can be easily assigned to the ripening chambers here. All current information on the respective chambers (the article to be ripened, the last quality check, the colour, the temperature, the start and end date of ripening) is also clearly displayed in this module. This ensures that you always have a quick overview of the current status of your articles.

QM - Ripening assessment

Optimise your quality management in the ripening chambers: Arbitrarily expandable questionnaires, photo documentation and a calculable failure estimation raise your quality management to a new level.


What are the requirements for an implementation?

Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Windows Client, Microsoft SQL Server

Who is FIPS for?

FIPS can be used in all types of fruit import companies, with the main focus during development on the following areas:

  • Ripening facilities

  • Fruit and vegetable processing companies

  • Importers

  • Packhouses

How quickly can FIPS be implemented?

The implementation time depends on the number of modules selected. On average, the implementation goes live within 3 months, depending on the prevailing technical and project-specific requirements.

During the implementation phase, we work closely with you to ensure that FIPS meets your needs and any necessary customizations are made.

What is the price for FIPS?

Contact us today for your non-binding offer and let us discuss your requirements and needs together.

Work relaxed with FIPS

You too can optimise your import & ripening planning!

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Get free consultation now!

Case Studies & Stories

SH PRATT Bananas

Rob Wells, Head of Supply Chain:

"As soon as an order is received in FIPS, order planning, transport planning and ripening planning are updated. We have to react as quickly as possible as there isn’t a lot of time between the order coming in and the fruit being despatched. With FIPS it all is organized in the right place, so we know what actions we need to take very quickly."

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Features to FIPS

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