Order, transport and maturity planning

Because convenience already plays a role in the planning and ripening of tropical fruits!

What is FIPS?

FIPS is your new "fruit import and planning system". Specially developed for the quantity, transport and ripening planning of ripening fruits such as bananas, avocados or mangoes, it is now universally applicable for the import planning of fruit and vegetables. Due to the cooperation with experts from the fruit and vegetable sector, this software covers all areas of import planning and is prepared for any eventualities. As a replacement for the widely used quantity and maturity planning in Excel, FIPS is based on a database that stores all information securely and data is available at any time from anywhere. This means that even if your colleague or an employee is suddenly unavailable, the data can be quickly accessed and action can be taken.





Who is FIPS for?

FIPS can be used in all types of fruit importing companies, with the main focus of development being on the following areas:

  • Maturing

  • Fruit and vegetable processing companies

  • Importers

  • Packhouses

What are the requirements for an implementation?

Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Windows Client, Microsoft SQL Server

How quickly can FIPS be implemented?

The FIPS implementation depends on the number of modules selected. On average, an implementation goes live within 3 months.*


*Depends on the prevailing technical and project-specific conditions.

What is the price for FIPS?

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What features does FIPS offer?

The FIPS feature set is divided into different modules to meet the needs of your organization. You can choose from the following modules:

  • fipsForecast

In fipsForecast, quantities of customers, ripening facilities or on the basis of historical (or current) data are determined and displayed. Various variables such as the weather or the quantities ordered in recent years (if available) are used. The quantities are simply allocated to the different ripening facilities or customers including their branches. Forecast documents from customers are imported into FIPS and automatically allocated to the different branches, warehouses or ripening facilities. A clear user interface offers the possibility to display total as well as detailed quantities for days and weeks.


  • fipsOrder

This module represents the system-supported order planning. Quantities from the fipsForecast are calculated here, taking the previously defined ordering, transport, storage and maturing times into account to show the ideal ordering date. With connection to an existing ERP system, orders are then processed directly from FIPS and duplicate entries in other programs are eliminated.


  • fipsTransport

fipsTransport covers the entire transport sector of international goods. From the transport by ship including the corresponding containers and their availability at the port, to the transport between warehouses or ripening plants, all situations are covered. If a ship is delayed, then FIPS displays all of its planned transports and, if necessary, changes the entire departure and arrival dates. The planning of the transports is done simply by drag & drop from the respective ship at a port to the destination address. The quantities to be transported or which are already transported are always visible. Especially for organic products, the transparency of the supply chain offers advantages in certification.


  • fipsRipening

Tailored to the needs of ripening plants, this module offers tabular and graphic planning of the ripening process in the ripening chambers. Articles are simply allocated to ripening chambers from orders or transports. Current information about the ripening chambers, such as the article to be ripened, the last quality check, the colour, the temperature, the start and end date of the ripening process are clearly displayed and a possible intervention can be carried out quickly.

Quantity, transport and ripening planning with FIPS

The process

Case Study

SH PRATT Bananas

Rob Wells

Head of Supply Chain

We mainly use FIPS for customer quantity forecasting, creating orders with overseas suppliers eight weeks in advance, viewing customer orders, creating transportation planning two weeks in advance, and planning ripening chamber utilization. In fact, there is no module of FIPS that we do not use.

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Because convenience already plays a role in the planning and ripening of tropical fruits!

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