Planning and Ripening Software for Bananas, Mangos and Avocados

FIPS was specially designed to picture the whole import process of a banana in step with its actual practice and to automatize it system-supported to prevent the occurance of errors.

FIPS makes you independend from one single person because it combines knowledge and information for every user.

Besides bananas, the system can be used for other products such as mangos and avocados as well. Via interfaces FIPS can be connected to existing ERP-systems. 

FIPS - work individual and productive.

Your Benefits

No manual calculations - FIPS does that for you!

One Software for everyone involved- no excel sheets!

Avoidance of excess or insufficient quantities

Software-supported quantity and transport planning

Regulation of the whole supply chain / optimal quantity overview

Consistent quality

Ability to connect to existing ERP-systems

Maximize your brand value

Better shelf-life and higher customer satisfaction

Interfaces in existing inventory management possible

FIPS - gallery


Green and Ordering Planning

FIPS supports the optimal quantity, ordering and ripening planning. All calculations are based on actual data. FIPS informs you about possible quantity problems under consideration of relevant preliminary lead time. That has positive effects on service-levels, brand value and reduces cost factors like excess or insufficient quantities.

Yellow Planning

Under consideration of actual and historical weather and quantity data, regional holidays and promotions the actual open customer demands can be planned.

Ideal ripening means consistent quality, less customer complaints and most of all: satisfied customers!

Ripening and Transport Planning​

With FIPS it is easy to plan which container has to be at the ripening facility at which time to give the bananas and other fruits the opportunity to undergo an ideal ripening cycle.

All data in FIPS is equilibrated in real-time. When there are changes like cancellations, delays etc. there is no need to recalculate, you can see it in FIPS and correct it with a few clicks.

Info Center and Ripening Chamber Capacities

The possibility of evaluating complex data material exists in FIPS. E.g. a graphical overview of the ripening chamber capacities can be displayed. As usual all data is based on real-time inputs.

All the information you need is stored in one software - no Excel-sheets will be needed ever again!

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