Information in Real-Time

The module "Live-App" gives a perfect overview of all ongoing processes within the company. All running manufacturing processes are displayed in real-time. Colors indicate the current status of the manufacturing processes. On top of that  the Live-App gives you a real-time overview of daily orders, goods acceptances, outgoing goods and all employees. Also data from external systems can be displayed in the Live-App.

Your Benefits

Overview of all Processes within the Company

Information in Real-Time

Possible Data Input from External Systems

Ability to react quickly to problems and changes


Everything at a glance


The Live-App possesses an overview page, where you can gather information about all areas of your business - in real-time of course!

Manufacturing Processes​

All running manufacturing processes are shown in different colors in accordance to the particular progress. Also addidtional information such as overweight, dwell times etc. are shown.


The employee-overview displays all employees that are present that current day. Attendance times are shown in accordance to the percentage of registrations at the production line, so that the actual productivity per employee is visible.

In addition you gather worthy information for future personnel planning to maximize efficiency.

Goods Reception

This page shows all articles of vendor orders.

The current status of each article is indicated by different colors.


This page gives you an overview of all current loadings and relevant information like hauler, customer, delivery order number etc.

In case there is a delay during the manufacturing process or loading and the customer will not receive the goods on time, the Live-App will inform you at the right time so that you able to react to this situation. 

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