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What is the LiveApp?

The LiveApp is your central information source for ongoing activities in your company. Depending on the level of detail of the activity recording, employees, machines, processing, loading, goods acceptance and much more can be made available live on a monitor and in case of incidents or untypical values, quick action can be taken. The LiveApp can also be used for third-party products, so that cross-system information can also be made available independently of our software solutions.






Who is LiveApp for?

The LiveApp can be used in all companies in the food sector, which collect information from different areas of the company, both automated and semi-automated. In activeIT, the main focus is on companies using the following products:


  • FIPS

  • PECS

  • Third party software in the field of ERP and production control

What are the requirements for an implementation?

Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Windows Client, Microsoft SQL Server

How quickly can LiveApp be implemented?

The LiveApp implementation is usually installed in conjunction with our other products and is ready to use within a very short time. Of course the LiveApp can also be used for third-party products. The average implementation time is 5 working days*


*Depends on the prevailing technical and project-specific conditions.

What price is the LiveApp for?

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What features does LiveApp offer?

The LiveApp is mainly used to display information from running operations. Depending on the connected software for information collection, different information can be made available. Popular areas for displaying information in the LiveApp are:


  • Employees

Working hours, productive times, the number of employees who have arrived today, planned or missing personnel - these are just some of the points for which LiveApp can be used in the employee area.

  • Acceptance of goods

By displaying the status of the goods transfers you are always up to date. Which articles are expected? Is there an over or a shortage? In which units is the delivery made? This and more is displayed in the goods acceptance view.

  • Processings  

Productivity is the main focus in this area. Data, which is usually only available at the production lines or manual workstations themselves, is bundled in this view and displayed as a production dashboard. The colour coding of certain conditions on the production lines makes it immediately apparent whether intervention is necessary.


  • Shipments

As with the acceptance of goods, it is also important to know the exact status of the loading anytime. The current loading status is indicated by colour codes. The information about the forwarding agent, including license plate number, makes it easier to get an overview of the expected transport companies. The allocation of the delivery note numbers to be loaded is also visible immediately.


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