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SERVICE is our primary concern in all our actions!

We place value on sustainability and long-term customer relations with our core competences in the food industry. High quality standards have a high importance for us as a certified Microsoft partner. Customer satisfaction is our main goal!



The production efficiency and control system

The modular PPS tool for your production company. Originally developed for food processing companies, the functional scope is now applicable to all kinds of producing companies. Depending on the requirements, PECS modules can be connected to any existing ERP system. 



Planning software for efficient ripening

Historical and daily data help to calculate the perfect ordering date of your articles. Green, Yellow, Transport and Ripening Planning as well as the Info Center and the Ripening Chamber Management are the core features of FIPS.



The powerful ERP System

Enterprise Ressource Planning for the food industry on the highest level! Various modules, such as cultivation and harvest notification, packaging material planning, certificate administation or warehouse management ensure that you always have full control over your business processes.



Live information of current operations

All information relevant for your company can be displayed in an graphical overview. Whether you want to see the status of goods delivered in amounts, the utilization of ripening chambers or storage locations or the processing performance of multiple production lines. LiveAPP gives you the information you need to react fast on incidents or just for a status of your production. 

Daten auf einem Touchpad

GO! Family

An app for every purpose

Whether you want to do mobile bookings for the delivery of goods with traceNET GO! or you do the quality control when ripening fruit with FIPS GO! or you are creating a complaint at your supplier with pecsQuality, our mobile soultions are where you are, any place at any time. From paper documentations to digital input of data in your production and the change is very easy. 


Business Intelligence

Big Data 

Your company collects a vast amount of data every day which is helpful to provide insights for your operational or strategic business purposes. With our Business Intelligence solution, you can now analyze this data easily and live on your production database.

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