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What is the GO! family?

The GO! family replaces our software solution traceNET-Touch and offers additional functions tailored to the field of application, which can be used mobile on every Android and iOS device. From goods acceptance by scan via smartphone to quality booking, from complaints notification to booking of hall activities, you will find many useful features

in our GO! products







Who is the GO! family for?

Our GO! products result from the respective functional scope of the large connected software solutions. For this reason, the GO! family is divided into 2 areas:


  • FIPS GO!

  • PECS GO!


The GO! family is designed to record and available the daily activities far away from an office workstation in a simple and efficient way.

What are the requirements for an implementation?

Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Windows Client, Microsoft SQL Server

How quickly can a GO! family app be implemented?

The implementation of the GO! family apps depends on the prevailing network structure. On average, an implementation goes live within 4 weeks.*


*Depends on the prevailing technical and project-specific conditions.

What does a GO! family app cost?

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What What features does the

GO! family offer?

The range of functions of the GO! apps include:

  • Receipt of goods and stock bookings

With the GO! family your incoming and outgoing goods are processed paperless in real time. Corrections and rebookings are carried out without additional effort and without paper or the need to go to the warehouse PC. The stock bookings that can be carried out on site are recorded directly in the warehouse.

  • Quality control and order picking

Quality control can be as simple as that. Self-defined control criteria guide you through digital checklists, which you can edit with one hand and save including photos. Order picking can be depicted either via the delivery note or via loading lists. Completed documents can be sent and printed with one finger directly via smartphone or tablet to the desired printer.

  • Complaints

The complete and standardized assessment by checklists in quality control also serves as a basis for evidence and discussion in the event of complaints. Above all, the images stored and assignable to batches or take-overs speak for themselves.

  • Documentation & scanningtrace

With a scan of a delivery note, all relevant information in your system is visible. The corresponding quality assessments are also stored. Even different label formats are recognized and further processed in the system (for example pallet labels, SSCC labels, EAN128, etc.).

  • Hall activities

Activities that take place outside the operational business area are planned, assigned and processed with the apps of the GO! family. Daily tasks such as hall cleaning or the maintenance of a machine/system can thus be booked promptly directly at the machine with comments and information.


Activities mobile and from anywhere

The GO! family for your PECS and FIPS