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activeIT as a guest at SH Pratt Bananas

FIPS Consultant Michael Fellinger and Key Account Manager Michael Kronheim paid a visit to one of the leading banana importers and ripeners in Europe.

SH Pratt Bananas has more than five decades of experience in the yellow fruit business.

For more than two years now, the company has been handling the entire import and ripening process via FIPS, the fruit import planning system from activeIT.

FIPS supports order planning with live data such as sales quantities and spoilage, all lead times, processes and ripening cycles - keeps transport planning on track even in the event of serious changes such as a container breakdown - and guarantees demand-oriented ripening planning for on-time deliveries.

Many thanks to Rob Wells (Head of Business Improvement & Processes) and the entire SH Pratt Group. It was an honour to enter your world and feel the spirit and passion of five decades of importing and ripening high quality bananas for the UK market! 🍌🍌🍌

Michael Fellinger (activeIT) & Rob Wells (SH Pratt Bananas)


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