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Automated high-bay warehouse at Gemüsebau Steiner in Bavaria

First joint project of the high-bay warehouse producer "KOAT" and "activeIT".

At the end of last year, the next step towards production automation began at "Gemüsebau Steiner" in Bavaria. A fully automated high-bay warehouse for six-figure kilogram storage quantities from the Dutch company "KOAT" will optimise the vegetable producer's processes in the future.

Within three months, the experts from the "internal transport" and "product processing" departments will set up the high-bay warehouse in the greenhouse at the site in Kirchweidach, Bavaria.

The special feature of the project, apart from the technical specifications of the high-bay warehouse, is the complete integration into the existing ERP system "traceNET" from "activeIT Software & Consulting GmbH" from Austria. Already now, during the automatic push-off from the greenhouse into the production hall, all relevant information, such as employees, harvest row, greenhouse or crop, is automatically transferred from the greenhouse software "Hortimax" and stored in "traceNET" together with the weight determined at the push-off.

In the future, this information will be assigned to a storage cell in the high-bay warehouse and used for automatisms, as well as calculations for production. If an order is then created for a production line, before processing starts, the "traceNET-Production" terminals check directly at the line whether there are enough goods in stock or whether goods are still missing. When processing starts, the warehouse automatically delivers the fresh goods to the respective production line according to the FIFO method.

Although this is the first joint project of "KOAT" and "activeIT", the software provider already has experience in integrating high-bay warehouses into its ERP system. Dorfinger International", for example, already has an automated warehouse in operation which, in addition to the line control, also informs the orbiter via the processing at the "traceNET-Production Terminals" which articles have to be made available at which line.

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