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Automated hygiene lists facilitate production during the pandemic

The constant new regulations due to the coronavirus pandemic constantly pose new challenges for food-producing companies. An important point here is the so-called contact tracing, in order to be able to protect the company in the event of an infection. Hygiene lists are usually used for this purpose, in which the employees have to enter their details - often still in handwriting - in order to be able to evaluate in retrospect who was working on which line, when, on which order and with whom they worked.

The software company "activeIT Software & Consulting GmbH" from Austria has been covering this issue for a long time in its production efficiency and control software "PECS".

Here, the data of the employees is collected via contactless registration by means of RFID cards at the lines and automatically transformed into hygiene lists for the case of need. In this way, the line managers can track who has worked on which line at any time, so that they can react quickly in the event of a virus infection.

If individual scales with a log-in function are available on the line, their position in the line can also be tracked. "This feature particularly supports our customers at this time, as in case of an infection of an employee / worker, it is possible to react immediately and initiate various measures without having to carry out a cumbersome manual search", explains Ing. Klein, CEO of "activeIT" and adds: "The integrated order and personnel planning in "PECS" also enables our customers to flexibly reschedule shifts in order to reduce employee contacts".

More information on "PECS" can be found at


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