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Indispensable game changer with EDI interface

CASE STUDY: Dorfinger KG featuring traceNET & PECS – Enterprise Resource Planning & Production Control à la activeIT

Since 2020, Dorfinger KG one of the largest potato, onion, and garlic packaging companies in Austria has relied on traceNET, the enterprise resource planning system for the food industry, made by the Austrian software provider activeIT.

Production processes have been controlled and optimised since 2021 with activeIT´s Production Efficiency Control System named PECS.

In combination with an integrated EDI solution from EDITEL - one of the leading international providers in the field of "Electronic Data Interchange" numerous advantages resulted for the over 100-year-old family business, which was founded in 1919.

Learn more about important decisions, necessary optimisations and the cooperation with activeIT in our case study in cooperation with Karlheinz Zelinger, Operations Manager at Dorfinger KG and Stefan Bednarik, Project Delivery Manager at EDITEL.


Thanks to Karlheinz Zelinger und die Dorfinger KG for the fruitful collaboration and trust in our expertise.


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