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Migros implements import and maturity planning tool FIPS from activeIT in Austria

Around 20,000 tons of bananas are ripened annually at the ripening facility of Migros Lucerne in Dierikon, Switzerland. The fruit's journey begins in Costa Rica, Panama, Peru or Ecuador. Packed still in green, the bananas are transported by ship to Antwerp, Rotterdam or Bremerhaven, where they are loaded onto trains or trucks and arrive in the ripening plant of Migros Lucerne in Dierikon after about three weeks of travel time.

Since various Migros cooperatives purchase bananas from Migros Lucerne, comprehensive quantity and ripening planning is carried out for the quantities required. This ensures that the bananas arrive at the customers in the ideal quality.

With FIPS, the fruit import and planning system from activeIT, the entire process is now digitalized and optimized. Based on the duration of the order process, the transport and the optimum ripening cycle, it provides information about the best timeframe to order and cover all customer demands in time and in the best quality possible. At a glance, the required quantities to be ripened are then visible and transports can be created intuitively from the port.

Ripening also plays a major role in FIPS. Thus, ripenings are not just clearly planned. The complete quality control is easily documented with the mobile solution FIPS GO. The resulting traceability is particularly important for Migros Lucerne and its customers, especially for bananas certified organic or fair trade.

The Austrian company activeIT Software & Consulting GmbH is known for industry-specific software solutions for food producing companies and is looking forward to a close cooperation with the retailer. The implementation of the project will not only optimize processes, but also reduce food waste.


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