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Frische rote und gelbe kleine Tomaten auf einem grünen Förderband in einem holländischen Gewächshaus zur Weiterverarbeitung bereit. Das Bild steht für das Produktionseffizienz und Kontrollsystem PECS von activeIT Software & Consulting GmbH


Production Efficiency Control System 

Don't just control your production

Optimise your production with PECS, the smart production control & planning tool

What is PECS?

PECS was developed from 15 years of experience in the industry and enables intuitive and fast planning, control and analysis of production while covering all important areas. Integrate PECS as a completely standalone solution or connect it to your existing ERP system for an extended feature set.

What features does PECS offer?

pecsCLIENT | Order & Personnel planning

Weißes Icon mit Person und Paket steht für Auftrags- und Personalplanung - pecsCLIENT

Optimise the planning of your orders and personnel resources with pecsCLIENT. Through the connection to your ERP system, orders can be easily converted into production orders and the associated personnel and machine planning can be carried out. Create shifts, personnel groups and activity groups as required. Even without an ERP connection, pecsCLIENT can take over these tasks as stand-alone software and make the planned data available as a print export or directly as an order message including all relevant information on the employees' workstations.

pecsWELCOME | Personnel management

Weißes Icon mit 2 Personen steht für Personalverwaltung- pecsWELCOME

Simplify your personnel management with pecsWELCOME. This module serves as the first point of contact for production workers before they start work and displays the planned workstation after scanning the employee card or optionally by facial recognition. New employees or temporary workers can be quickly and easily registered through the scan of their personal documents and immediately and automatically receive their employee card. The integrated document management system also manages all work instructions, hygiene documents or training documents for the respective employee in the required language.

pecsTIME | Time recording

Weißes Icon mit einer Stoppuhr steht für die Zeiterfassung des Personals - pecsTIME

Record the coming and going times of your production employees - quickly and easily - via our pecsTIME module. With a clear interface and the option to connect to any access systems, such as turnstiles and the like, pecsTIME enables you to effectively manage working times. In combination with our pecsACTIVITY module, you can not only record times, but also track and evaluate productive and non-productive phases. If you also use pecsWELCOME, you reduce the risk of unwanted third-party clocking in of your employees. Due to the higher accuracy of the recorded data, you always keep an overview and control of your production.

pecsACTIVITY | Activity recording

Weißes Icon mit einer Sanduhr steht für die Tätigkeitserfassung des Personals - pecsACTIVITY

With the pecsACTIVITY terminal you have found the ideal solution for time recording of manual activities. Positioned directly in your production hall, it enables the recording of working hours. Through the connection to any access or time recording systems, a productive time evaluation is done in no time at all. This way you always have an overview of the productive and non-productive times of your employees. The freely definable activities and the clear design of the touchscreen-oriented interface enable quick and easy input tailored to your company.

pecsLINE | Plant control

Weißes Icon mit drei Zahnrädern steht für die Anlagensteuerung - pecsLINE

Minimise sources of error in production and reduce the effort of set-up per work order. pecsLINE integrates your entire plant into the system environment and enables central administration and direct control. The immediate transmission of production-relevant data, such as machine settings, label data or weight limits, increases the productive time of your equipment and employees and prevents sources of error.

pecsQUALITY | Quality management

Weißes Icon mit einem Haken innerhalb eines Kreises steht für das Qualitätsmanagement - pecsQUALITY

pecsQUALITY enables you to carry out quality assessments easily and efficiently. Freely configurable questionnaires, checklists and photo documentation provide you with all the tools you need. With pecsQUALITY you not only define the time for a necessary quality assessment, for example, goods receipt, order picking or warehouse booking, but also determine its validity period, whereby the module automatically calls for a new assessment after expiry.

client & welcome
time & activity
line & quality

What are the requirements for an implementation?

Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Windows Client, Microsoft SQL Server

Who is PECS for?

PECS is a flexible and universal solution for production companies of all types. It has been developed to meet the requirements and needs of companies with different areas of activity and production environments:

  • Producers

  • Packhouses

  • Greenhouses

  • Companies with production lines

  • Companies with manual activities in production

How quickly can PECS be implemented?

The duration of the implementation depends on the number of modules selected. On average, the implementation goes live within 3 months, depending on the prevailing technical and project-specific conditions.

During the implementation phase, we work closely with you to ensure that PECS meets your requirements and that any necessary adjustments are made.

What is the price for PECS?

Contact us today for your obligation-free quote and let's discuss your requirements and needs together.

Production planning & control in one tool

Work individually & productively with PECS!


You too can optimise your processes with PECS!

Case Studies & Stories

Dorfinger KG

Karlheinz Zelinger, operations manager:

“There are so many important aspects to our products. Each step contains an incredible amount of information. From delivery and cooling to sorting and washing to production and delivery - with PECS we now have the overview and this overview is extremely important and useful, and above all very easy to access.”


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Features to PECS

PC Monitor mit Ansicht der LiveApp Oberfläche von activeIT
Logo of the LiveApp from activeIT Software & Consulting GmbH. The LiveApp provides an overview of all processes and procedures in your company. In front of the logo font is the icon of a play button.

Never before has the

live overview of activities

been so easy!

Die rechte Hand einer Person mit einem rot-blau karierten Hemd hält ein Smatphone. Die Linke Hand der Person tippt auf das Display und öffnet die GO! App von activeIT
Logo of the GO! app for FIPS, PECS and traceNET from activeIT Software & Consulting GmbH. With it, you can carry out activities on the move and from anywhere. In front of the logo is the icon of a record button.

An app

for every purpose!

PC Monitor mit Ansicht der Business Intelligence - BI - Oberfläche roten und grünen Balkendiagrammen von activeIT
Logo of BI, the Business Intelligence Tool from activeIT. Data evaluation and interpretation made easy! In front of the logo font is the icon of an eject button.

Data evaluation &


made easy!

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