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Kandahar Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download Latest




Here comes the awesome kandahar 2010 movie in hindi, a godman rule the city of kandahar. He is a legend but the legend needs to fight a dreaded gangster and an evil businessman. Plot: The Kandahar is a city in the province of Afghanistan that has been controlled for years by the Taliban. A parallel world exists there, full of absurdity, violence, and confusion. A young priest named Niaz is assigned to take care of the ancient tombs in this desert city, but his peaceful life is thrown into a frenzy when he witnesses the murder of a high-ranking official. Soon he finds himself investigating the case, for which he is arrested by the local authorities. He is rescued by a mysterious Muslim woman who takes him to the inner circle of power, where Niaz is soon at odds with a psychopathic and very powerful young man named Ali. The two of them embark on a perilous journey to save a young girl named Gulnaz, a promising pianist who is the only living hope of bringing peace to the area. As the two of them fight for their own future, a deep, dark secret that threatens the Taliban's hold on the city is revealed. But before they can fulfill their mission, Niaz and Ali will need to survive. It is the most violent and brutal film ever. Full of suspense and drama. The movie was received well by the Indian critics and audience. Director Shankar has added some new elements to the genre of crime-thriller and the movie itself has a completely new and innovative plot, it breaks many taboos and is loaded with action and violence. The theme is about how a Godman who is a legend and has a great power, meets a very brutal gangster, and how they overcome the odds and live to kill another day. Full of action and suspense. It features Mohanlal in the lead and directed by Shankar, Music by Ilaiyaraaja. The film is set in a remote part of Afghanistan and in a bustling city Kandahar. The film is based on the novel by Sharad Arora. The movie was released on 19 September 2010 in India and 9th October in the USA and other international markets. Music of the film was released as Kandahar 2010 on 12 November 2010. All Songs are composed by Ilaiyaraaja. I am a big fan of his music and composition in most of the movies. The movie has a wonderful soundtrack with the finest of his songs. The



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Kandahar Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download Latest

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