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Marko Klein, CEO activeIT and Mag. Gerd Marlovits, CEO EDITEL Austria

Wirtschaftszeit Article - "Cooperation project of activeIT and EDITEL links fruit and vegetable producers with retail!"


“The Styrian company activeIT specializes in tailor-made ERP systems for food manufacturers. Through a strategic partnership with Austria's leading service provider for electronic data exchange, EDITEL, food producers are connected to virtually all large retail groups - such as Rewe, SPAR or Hofer. From decades of experience, EDITEL knows the technical guidelines of the retail trade and uses the eXite data hub to ensure smooth digital communication in the supply chain. "


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GEO Gemüseerzeugerorganisation Ostösterreichzkunde GEO Gemüseerzeugerorganisation Ostösterreich

FreshPlaza Article - "Reduce COVID-19 transfer risk using state-of-the-art production planning software!"


"In times of COVID-19, more and more companies are looking for a solution to adjust and control their technical production facilities (e.g. production lines) with as few manual work processes as possible. This means that scales or price markers, for example, are being done partially or completely without human intervention. Adapted personnel planning and extended hygiene standards must also be implemented.

The daily contact of employees with the control elements or touch screens should be reduced. The focus here is on (partially) automated processes and increased hygiene.”

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FreshPlaza article - "We bring digitization to the fruit and vegetable sector!"


Computer-controlled ripening rooms have long since found their way into the fast-moving fruit ripening sector, while the associated order, transport and ripening planning or quality management of the fruit is often still done manually, i.e. via an Excel list and a physical ripening diary.


In collaboration with numerous experts from the fruit import and ripening business, activeIT was able to develop a software that maps the process of ripening fruit and thus combines the order, transport and ripening planning in a clear program.


"We are constantly learning," says Marko Klein , the managing director of activeIT. "Thanks to the implementation at SH Pratts in Great Britain and the close cooperation with our customers, we have been able to gather a lot of new knowledge and integrate it into our system. Our demanding clients are at the same time Indicator and motivator to continuously expand our system with new functions and then to be able to offer these to future customers ”.


First project in the US is pending

Internationalization is in full swing. "While we are currently still handling major projects in Europe, the first project will be launched in the USA in 2020. This shows that the need for such solutions is increasing. Not least because the demand for bananas, avocados, mangoes and other tropical fruits is increasing and that Providers are reaching their limits with their current solutions. Digitization is on the move. " (...)


You can find the entire FreshPlaza article here.

activeIT visits Fruit Attraction 2019


Our new contact person Gabriel Marek (Marketing & Sales) was on the Fruit Attraction in Madrid from October 22nd to 24th, 2019 to hold intensive discussions on the subject of digitization in fruit ripening and production processes with all interested parties.

Pakstation Venlo / Weyers joins forces with activeIT to implement bespoke production software traceNET-Production & LiveApp


Pakstation Venlo / Weyers, operator of one of the largest packing stations for fruit and vegetables in Venlo (Holland), has decided to move into the future with the production control software traceNET-Production & LiveApp from activeIT in Austria, which has been specially developed for fruit and vegetables packing lines.

traceNET-Production has been specially developed for fruit and vegetable companies to ensure the highest possible efficiency on the production lines and the packing station and to avoid sources of error. An essential aspect here is the central administration and control of all systems and machines and a direct employee time recording at the line, scales or at terminals in the packing station.

"With our LiveApp, the customer also has the opportunity to obtain a perfect overview of all processes and procedures in the company. All current processing operations are displayed in real time according to the processing progress. Additionally to that, the live app provides a real-time overview of orders, goods receipts, loadings and employees," says Marko Klein, Managing Director of activeIT.

Erik van Maren, Director Pakstation Venlo B.V.:
"traceNET-Production & LiveApp offers our company great possibilities to increase efficiency and provides our management with central live key figures, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. We decided to partner with activeIT because traceNET-Production & LiveApp was developed in a very practical way and can be extended by our additional requirements.
activeIT has asked us relevant questions that help us to improve our current operations.

Marko Klein, managing director of activeIT, is enthusiastic about the project:
"We are very pleased to be able to win Pakstation Venlo / Weyers as a customer and are looking forward to further international projects".

Do you have questions about traceNET-Production / LiveApp or the project?

For further information please visit our homepage or contact Robert Schwaiger from activeIT:

SH Pratt Group joins forces with activeIT to implement bespoke banana planning and ripening software


S.H. Pratt Group, operator of the largest single ripening centre in Europe, based in Luton (United Kingdom), has confirmed plans to partner with Austrian Software company activeIT utilising their unique and innovative Banana planning and ripening Software ‘FIPS’.


The ‘FIPS’ system was specifically designed with Bananas in mind, tackling the complexity of processes carried out such as, procuring, planning (long term and short term) and ripening.


"The semi-automated transport and ripening planning, based on LIVE data brings time and cost savings; with the added advantage of considerably less stress to the person-independently planning and continuous ripening cycles," says Robert Schwaiger of activeIT.


"During the first meeting, it quickly became clear for interested parties, that FIPS is a tailor-made, user-friendly solution for ripening facilities that had not existed before. The software was developed by ripening professionals for ripening professionals," Schwaiger continues.


Shahida Mohamed, Financial Director SH Pratt Group explained:

“ ‘FIPS’ offers our business great features to increase efficiency, offer our customers centralised key data accessible anywhere at any time.

We made the decision to partner with activeIT as their system has been developed by ripening professionals; which is a unique development within the industry alone. ‘FIPS’ professionals understood our requirements and asked relevant exploratory questions aiding us to improve our current operational processes.”


Marko Klein, managing director of activeIT, is also enthusiastic about the project:

“We are very pleased to be able to win the SH Pratt Group as a customer and are convinced our current customers as well as future interested parties will benefit from this project.”



Do you have questions about FIPS or the project?

Please contact Robert Schwaiger from activeIT:  


Perfect Ripening and Procurement of Bananas, Mangos and Avocados


With FIPS we developed a special solution for bananas, mangos and avocados, which facilitates crucial processes from the very beginning to the customer, makes indipendend from single persons and most of all saves money.


See the article about FIPS in "Fresh Plaza" or go to our website for more information.

Holistic solutions for Enterprise Ressource Planning, Production Planning and Ripening Facilities


Again we were able to persuade in "Fresh Plaza" with our solutions for fruit and vegetable industry.


The solutions are our ERP system traceNET, our mobile solution traceNET Touch and our software for planning and administration of production processes traceNET Production. The traceNET LiveApp gives the opportunity to gather information in real time of several processes within the production.


Moreover our ripening planning system FIPS supports you over the whole process of ripening fruits like bananas, mangos and avocados.


Find out more on our Homepage!

Merchandise management, production planning and maturity from a single source


We present our solutions for the fruit and vegetable industry in the issue KW 41/2016 of Fruchthandel Magazine.

These include the merchandise management system traceNET, the mobile traceNET solution traceNET-Touch, the module for efficient control and production traceNET-Production and the FIPS planning software for fruit to be ripened.

You can find out more about our software solutions in the enclosed article or on our homepage.

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FIPS: Optimum maturity planning


Maturity planning with FIPS is based on actual and lead times. All changes and quantity movements are displayed live so that you always have a real-time overview of all quantity flows and stock levels.

With the support of FIPS, planning becomes independent of personnel, giving ripeners more time to concentrate on the quality of their fruit - and that also pleases customers.

Thanks to the mobile application, all important information can now also be received on the smartphone.


In Fruchthandel magazine KW 40/2016 you will find an article about FIPS.

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activeIT was at the German Fruit and Vegetable Congress for the first time


Important decision-makers from the production, fruit and retail sectors were represented in Düsseldorf.

activeIT was present at the congress for the first time this year and was able to have many interesting conversations with the participants, especially the production control traceNET-Production was very well received, at times "production control" was also a point of presentation at the event.

There were very interesting lectures and parallel forums on important and current topics, including food safety, traceability and production control.

We present: traceNET-Production


traceNET-Production was specially designed for food producing companies to ensure the highest possible efficiency on the production lines.


An essential aspect here is the central administration and control of the plants and a direct employee time recording at the plant.

With the newly developed module "Live-App" you have the possibility to get a quick overview of the entire operation in a simple way - of course in real time.

You can find a report about traceNET-Production in the fruit trade magazine KW 32/2016.

New on the market: New, powerful planning software FIPS


FIPS is a software planning, especially for fruits to be ripened.

It considerably simplifies the procurement process of fruit and vegetables! Thus it is possible to have an optimal overview of all processes from the order to the sale.

In the Fruchthandel Magazine KW 26/2016 there was an interesting report about FIPS.

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