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Economic mission as part of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA

In order to better understand the interrelationships of supply chains and to establish new business contacts, our Sales and Key Account Ass Michael Kronheim was on a 2-day business mission as part of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA.

The events in the port of Rijeka and in the Port of Koper (Luka Koper) were top prepared, extremely professionally executed and will certainly be remembered positively by the participants.

Not least because of the regional delicacies ;)

In addition to the tours of the two port facilities, the "social networking" events were also a fruitful opportunity to expand the entrepreneurial network and make new contacts - both with Austrian and Croatian and Slovenian companies and interest groups (Robert Rakar).

The two ports offer potential for the import and storage of tropical fruits and are being permanently expanded and developed, with a focus on food production, especially in Koper.

By the way: The Austrian market is the largest partner in Koper with a share of approx. 40% of goods!

CONCLUSION: Slovenia and Croatia are, as far as vegetable and fruit cultivation is concerned, potent and potential regions and both the gateway to the Balkans and to the Central European area. Digitalization per se is a maintopic - it is desired and needed!

Thanks to:

Wilhelm Nest (Director, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Slovenia and Kosovo)

Ana Mohorič ((Marketing & Public Relations, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Slovenia)

Claudia Angermayr (Commercial Attachée at Austrian Embassy in Ljubljana for Slovenia and Kosovo)

Sonja Holocher-Ertl ((Director, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Croatia)

Sanja Kulenovic (Specialist Marketing, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, Croatia)

Robert Rakar (CEO, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Primorska)


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