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Digitization in the fruit & vegetable sector

Computer-controlled ripening chambers have long since found their way into the fast-moving fruit ripening sector, while the associated order, transport and ripening planning or the quality management of the fruit is often still done manually, i.e. using an Excel list and physical ripening diaries. In cooperation with numerous experts from the fruit import and ripening business, activeIT was able to develop a software, called FIPS, that maps the process of ripening fruits and thus combines order, transport and ripening planning in a clearly structured program. "We are constantly learning", says Marko Klein, managing director of activeIT.

"Through the implementation at SH Pratt in the UK and the close cooperation with our customers, we have been able to gather a lot of new knowledge and integrate it into our system. Our demanding clients are both indicator and motivator to constantly expand our system with new functions and to offer these to future customers." First project in the USA is pending Internationalisation is in full swing. "While we are currently still handling major projects in Europe, the first project will be launched in the USA in 2020. This shows that the demand for such solutions is growing. Not least because the demand for bananas, avocados, mangoes and other tropical fruits is growing stronger and suppliers are reaching their limits with their current solutions. Digitization is taking hold."  You can find the entire "FreshPlaza" article here .


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