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Import and ripening planning with FIPS

Effective planning and controlling of processes are two of the most important things when it comes to fresh food!

However, the reality is different: Many producers, importers or packing houses still work with manual entries in confusing Excel tables. Planning errors are based on this and on insufficient networking of the systems.

Import & maturity planning: Preventing sources of error that often cannot be taken into in the daily business routine

Especially in the case of perishables, it`s necessary to know exactly at which time which quantity is available at which location. This is the only way to minimize over- or underdeliveries and the spoilage of goods. Planning is usually based on Excel lists, which then have to be manually converted into orders in the ERP system. The fact that errors happen here can hardly be avoided.

FIPS - database-driven solution opens up new possibilities!

The Fruit Import Planning System "FIPS" generates orders based on a planning quantity and considers live data such as sales quantities, spoilage, lead times, transport times and ripening cycles. This guarantees supply chain traceability and detailed planning of ripening chamber utilization. Underdeliveries are immediately apparent and appropriate replacements can be provided at an early stage.

All functions at a glance:

More about FIPS here.


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