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Just controlling production is no longer enough today!

Sort, pack and repack fresh food - batch-accurate, traceable and simple - with PECS. You too can work with our software, which is already being used successfully by Weyers (Pakstation Venlo) in the Netherlands and numerous production companies - including Gemüsebau Steiner in Bavaria - for comprehensive personnel, order and production planning.

You can find all the functions of PECS here:


pecsCLIENT | Order & Personnel planning

pecsCLIENT covers the entire order and personnel planning in your company. Through the possible connection to an ERP system, orders can be easily converted into production orders and the associated personnel and machine planning can be carried out. Shifts, personnel groups and activity groups can be created. Even without connection to an ERP system, the pecsCLIENT can take over these tasks as an independent software. The planned data is available as a print export or directly on the employees' workstations as an order message including all relevant data.


pecsWELCOME | Personnel management

This module is the first point of contact for production employees before they start work. As a stand-alone terminal, it displays the planned workplace after scanning the employee card or optionally by facial recognition. New employees or temporary workers can be quickly registered in the system via a scan of their personal documents - a corresponding employee card is printed automatically. The integrated document management system also manages work instructions, hygiene documents or training documents for the respective employee, naturally in the required language.


pecsTIME | Time recording

The time recording for production companies with a clear interface and connection to any access-systems such as turnstiles. The simplest method to record coming and going times of production employees. In connection with pecsACTIVITY also productive and unproductive times can be collected and evaluated. This way you always keep an overview of your production. If you also use pecsWELCOME, you reduce the risk of not available employees clocking in for work.


pecsACTIVITY | Activity recording

Positioned in the production hall, the pecsACTIVITY terminal is used for time recording of manual activities that are done during the working day. With the connection of any access-systems or time recording systems for the billing of working hours, a productive time evaluation is quickly completed. The corresponding activities can be freely selected by your company. The design of the interface is also geared towards touchscreens to enable quick and easy input.


pecsLINE | Plant control

The central administration and control of plants is the focus of this module. Your entire plant is thus integrated into the system environment and can be directly addressed for planning and control. This direct transmission of production-relevant data (such as e.g. settings of machines, data of labels, weight limits, etc.) minimizes sources of error and reduces the effort of setup per work order - thus increasing the productive time of your plants and employees.


pecsQUALITY | Quality management

In pecsQUALITY, quality assessment is carried out by freely configurable questionnaires or checklists. Different question types are available and photo documentation can also be easily created. Depending on the context of the assessment, validity periods for quality inspections can be stored, which call for a new assessment after expiry (e.g. batch assessment every 6 hours). Depending on the workflow, the time for a required quality inspection for goods receipts, picking, warehouse bookings or the like can be defined.



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