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SH Pratt Bananas implements FIPS

SH Pratt Group joins forces with activeIT to implement bespoke banana planning and ripening software

S.H. Pratt Group, operator of the largest single ripening centre in Europe, based in Luton (United Kingdom), has confirmed plans to partner with Austrian Software company activeIT utilising their unique and innovative Banana planning and ripening Software FIPS. The ‘FIPS’ system was specifically designed with Bananas in mind, tackling the complexity of processes carried out such as, procuring, planning (long term and short term) and ripening. "The semi-automated transport and ripening planning, based on LIVE data brings time and cost savings; with the added advantage of considerably less stress to the person-independently planning and continuous ripening cycles," says Robert Schwaiger of activeIT. "During the first meeting, it quickly became clear for interested parties, that FIPS is a tailor-made, user-friendly solution for ripening facilities that had not existed before. The software was developed by ripening professionals for ripening professionals," Schwaiger continues. Shahida Mohamed, Financial Director SH Pratt Group explained: “ ‘FIPS’ offers our business great features to increase efficiency, offer our customers centralised key data accessible anywhere at any time. We made the decision to partner with activeIT as their system has been developed by ripening professionals; which is a unique development within the industry alone. ‘FIPS’ professionals understood our requirements and asked relevant exploratory questions aiding us to improve our current operational processes.” Marko Klein, managing director of activeIT, is also enthusiastic about the project: “We are very pleased to be able to win the SH Pratt Group as a customer and are convinced our current customers as well as future interested parties will benefit from this project.” Do you have questions about FIPS or the project?

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