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traceNET-Production was especially developed to meet the needs of companies in the food-producing industry to maximise efficiency at the production lines. The main advantacges here are the central administration and control of all facilities and the centralized chronology directly at the work station. On top of that traceNET-Production can be connected to already existing ERP-systems via interface.


Because traceNET-Production is a stand-alone solution, it is not essential to use traceNET as ERP-system.

Your Benefits

Highest efficiency at production lines

Transparency in all processes

Optimized Ressource Consumption

Meaningful analyses

Excelent ablitity to schedule production

Prompt response possibility to deliveries in strike

traceNET Production and LiveApp -  easy to set up & easy to use.


Labeling and Price Marking

Requirements regarding labeling are rising, which leads to a higher number of errors during manual data input. With traceNET-Production it is easy to eliminate these errors due to fully automated price marking.

Meanwhile the food is weighed, the weight is printed on the label and sticked to the packaging .

In this way you can save a lot of time and money.


Centralized Time Recording

By tracking working hours as accurate as possible, manufacturing costs can be calculated more realistic.

traceNET-Production offers the possibility to track working hours of employees directly in various processes


Each article in the production has its own batch number. With this batch number it is possible to retrace each article, either from the production or from the warehouse, using the batch tree.

Also external batch numbers can be implemented to the system.

Manufacturing Performance

The complete integration of facilities, price markers etc. in traceNET-Production gives the opportunity to carry out various analyses.

In this way dwell times, overweight and the number of packages within a certain period can be analysed and used for calculation.

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